A & M Consultancy Ltd

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Team & Business Management Services 

If you are an organisation who is looking to grow your business and in order to do this you are considering an organisational restructure but, you are unsure of where your current team strengths align with the new positions that you are creating.  Then why not let us help?  We will work with you to identify your existing teams strengths enabling you to maximise on their potential and will identify in the process where the need for new talents and abilities lie in your new organisational structure.  Additionally if you are a company who is aware of their need for positive cultural and behavioural change, then we can work with you to identify a range of behaviours and support you creating a plan to implement change along with offering business coaching and mentoring for your workforce.

Extensive experience working with individuals and corporate groups.

We will work with you to identify your individual business needs and support you with your future development.

Business Development

* Relationship management.

* Generating leads.

* Business growth strategies.

* Project management.

* Networking.

* Training needs analysis.

Individual & Team Development

* Team dynamics profiling.

* 360 Behavioural change analysis.

* Development training analysis.

* Team development.

* Employee engagement.

* Mentoring for managers.

* Transition & change. 

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

                                                                                            Benjamin Franklin